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Back To The Land - 2014 Style

Organic-GardenOne of the obvious offshoots of the current localvore movement in Vermont is that individuals wishing to participate in this wonderful trend need land. And not just any land. The land must be fertile, well drained with good exposure and orientation. No small measure for a state that has more than it's share of north facing slopes, shallow soils and wetlands.

The vast majority of people contacting me about real estate are expressing a need for the property they buy to be able to support at least some agricultural activities including raising animals, growing crops, woodland management all within communities that are similarly engaged. To no small degree am I reminded of the Back to the Land Movement of the 1970's. For I was one of those who was looking to create a self reliant lifestyle by living off the land. In honesty, I had a dream but not much of a plan.

Todays Back to the Land movement is an entirely different landscape. Todays farmers in Vermont have a framework of Sustainable Agriculture which has been developed and marketed to the envy of all other states. A fascinating study of how we got here and where we are now is well documented in "Greening Vermont, The Search for a Sustainable State" by Elizabeth Courtney and Eric Zencey.

Many of Vermont's long abandoned farms are seeing renewed viability by the trend of speciality foods and products. Everything from grass fed beef, pork and lamb to artisan cheeses to natural fiber production. And through such interest, the Vermont hill farm is again a very desirable commodity not just for the beauty and serenity it offers but for it's ability to provide for itself and it's stewards.

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