Sustainable Living in Vermont

Vermont is in a very unique position when it comes to sustainable living. Virtually everything that’s needed to live comfortably in Vermont can be had through the use of local products and services. We have an abundance of high quality water. Forests cover roughly 80% of the state and provide building materials, firewood and excellent game habitat. The soils of Vermont are very rich and the ability to grow vegetables, fruits and crops for animals is available on most all open land.

Search sustainable properties to find your next home in this resource-rich state.

Maple Sugaring in Vermont

The use of Vermont products for building, food production and growth is strongly recognized as best achieved by using local. Through proper stewardship and management, Vermont is capable of not only providing what we need but doing so in a manner that strengthens our sources rather than depleting them. The state has many agencies and boards that are available for guidance and direction with maintaining and improving the natural resources of Vermont. To learn more about living in Vermont, click here!

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