Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"I have known Wade Treadway since the early 90's. My wife and I have a small restoration company called The Barnard Group.We purchase Period homes and complete an accurate Historic restoration or we build an exact reproduction, then offer the property for sale. We do not build for anyone nor do we restore properties for others.

Wade has been instrumental in almost every one of our 12 sales over the past 20 years. As a Professional, wade is the only Broker we know that can tell us what has been sold and for how much, how it relates to a property we are about to offer, why a property should be offered for a specific price, what it compares to, what the competition has sold for and much more. With Wade's help we have been able to offer wonderful properties that are offered so everyone receives, either, fair value for their money or for the time spent developing the property.

Wade has been fortunate to have a client base that appreciates the very best and we are fortunate to have Wade offering our properties."

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