Vermont Timberland Properties

With roughly 80% of Vermont being forested, chances are good that most all rural properties have a woodlot that could benefit by sound forestry practices and stewardship. In the past, foresters generally felt a woodlot needed to be at least 25 acres to be worthwhile developing and implimenting a forestry plan. However, the standards have changed and stewardship of a smaller woodlot can provide much enjoyment, provide firewood, possibly sugaring while improving the landscape. 

Timberland investment properties have been very popular over the 20 years as viable investment instrument with very good returns. Typically a timberland investment property can be anywhere from 100 acres to several thousand acres. Well planned and timed harvests can provide an income stream while increasing the overall future value of the timberland property. 

Whether your Timberland is by chance a portion of your Vermont property or intentionally an investment property, the benefits of proper stewardship add to the enjoyment and the future value of your land.

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