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Vermont Country Stores During Foliage

Vermont is quite unique with it's seasons that are all so different and all so remarkable beautiful. Clearly my favorite in terms of inner reflection and stopping to appreciate all that surrounds us is Fall. The other morning I went out early to feed the horses and I had to put on my wool Ibex vest for the first time this season. The morning was crisp and that unmistakable cool clean air had a hint of the changes coming. The trees are ablaze in brilliant colors that can't help but deliver a sense of awe. There is an uncontrollable urge to completely embrace all that surrounds you and make it last forever.

How best to enjoy this Fall season? I always like to go for drives along back roads that I haven't visited in some time. Truly, the fall colors are magnificent where ever you go. I always like to drop into country stores as I travel Vermont. A great many of the rural towns in Vermont still depend tremendously on the General Store. Many throughout the state also contain the local Post Office. You will be sure to encounter a strong aroma of coffee and hopefully home baked goods upon entering. I like to recommend to my customers and clients that are visiting this time of year to plan to be in a village that features a good General Store around lunch time. Sandwiches and drinks will be waiting. It's also a way to interact with local Vermonters and fellow visitors, all of whom depend on the General Store for their quick needs. A good source to locate General Stores in the Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores. Their website has many, but not all, General Stores in Vermont listed.

As to what routes to take to view the foliage, it's really up to your individual wants. All of Vermont is very picturesque, and yet the foliage changes at different times of the season in different parts of the state. The best website to check is the Fall Foliage Report. There you will find what areas of the state and what roads are showing the most color. The only thing left to complete the fall picture, is a stop at a local farm stand for cider and donuts. It really doesn't get much better.

Posted by Wade I. Treadway

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