Wade Treadway

Celebrating Vermont's Hard Cider Producers

Vermont’s position as one of the country’s strongest localvore/foodie states is constantly being reinforced by the accolades of international organizations. Just this week Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro won top honors for it’s Bayley Hazen Blue at the World Cheese Awards in London. And they weren’t alone, two Grafton Village Cheeses won [...]

A Vermont Icon - The Barn

The Vermont Barn is one of the most readily identified manmade objects on the Vermont landscape. It is symbolic and representative of Vermonts heritage as an agricultural based economy. For the earliest settlers in Vermont, the barn was the most important structure to be built. In most cases, the first generation barn far eclipsed the [...]

Land Enhancement

As spring is roaring into place, I am remembering all of those projects that were put on hold with winters arrival. Many of those projects are outdoors and involve bettering our immediate environment. Since purchasing our 10 acre homestead, we have removed the overgrown Christmas trees that were abandoned years ago and rejuvenated the [...]

Back To The Land - 2014 Style

One of the obvious offshoots of the current localvore movement in Vermont is that individuals wishing to participate in this wonderful trend need land. And not just any land. The land must be fertile, well drained with good exposure and orientation. No small measure for a state that has more than it's share of north facing slopes, shallow [...]

Wool - Vermonter's Winter Defense

I recall a few years ago driving a buyer around who shortly after we got underway, exclaimed "What's going on with this seat?" He was from the south and wasn't familiar with heated seats. After I explained, at the time, what a great option it was, he said " So that's how you Vermonter's survive winter." Heated car seats are one of hundreds [...]

Match the Hatch

For those of my readers that are flyfishers, the phrase "Match the Hatch" is easily recognized as our mantra for a successful outing. For those unfamiliar with the sport or the phrase, it is worth reviewing for it's close resemblance of a successful real estate [...]

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